Teaching Through Technology Conference


Join us for the T3 Conference!  This is a day where educators will have the opportunity to be exposed to various technology tools used in education today.  In every session, participants will be brought through three tiers of learning:

  • Beginning/ Introduction:  Participants are shown what the technology is, and how it is used in the instructional environment.
  • Competency/ Skill Development:  Participants learn how to use the technology 
  • Mastery/ Instructional Adaptation:  Participants will  build something from their everyday educational use so they can bring it back and use it immediately.

Teaching Through Technology is about transforming learning and empowering students.  T3 is bringing together the best practices in innovative teaching with blended education technology and connecting teachers with tools they can use everyday in their classrooms.  Join us as we embark on effectively integrating technology into everyday learning in our schools.

The conference will have strands specifically for educators working in grade levels starting in kindergarten through grade twelve; as well as after school programs.  Come see how you can bring Google Apps for the classroom, Smithsonian Learning Labs, formative assessment apps, augmented reality, coding and more into your classroom!

Event begins for site and district leadership personnel on September 29th with pre-conference activities. September 30th will be the full day conference for all participating teachers and leadership.

Bring your technology devices; smartphone, tablet and laptop, and get ready to see, learn, and build technology with the curriculum you use in your classroom everyday!



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Call for Presenters

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