Call For Presenters

Strand Details

We are looking for presenters for the following strands:

  • Kindergarten - Second Grade
  • Third Grade - Fifth Grade
  • Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade
  • Ninth Grade - Twelfth Grade
  • After School Programs

Session Guidelines

Session times will be 75 minutes long.  We are requesting that presenters bring participants through three tiers of learning with the technology you are presenting.  When submitting your presentations, please respond to how you plan to accomplish each tier.

  • Beginning/ Introduction:  Provide a full picture of what your technology is, how it is used in the instructional environment.
  • Competency/ Skill Development:  Now it's time to teach your participants how to use the technology you are sharing 
  • Mastery/ Instructional Adaptation:  Now you will help them to embed your technology into a viable learning experience.... have them build something from their everyday educational use into the technology so they can bring it back and use it immediately.

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